Classic Sound Cards? (Re: Roland SCC 1 GS MIDI Card)

From: Jason McBrien <>
Date: Tue Jan 13 10:31:26 2004


> Has anybody ever heard of the Fairlight music computer system of the 80s?
> Boy would I ever like to have one of those... :)
> Yamaha had a MSX music computer based on the most successful synthesizer
> all time - The Yamaha DX7

There's a British electronica guy named Mu-Ziq (Mike Paradinas) who did his
whole first album, Tango 'n' Vectif, using an Atari ST, DX7, a drum machine
and a couple of effects boxes. He got a lot of sounds out of that setup...

> Do you collect only sound cards or vintage synths as well?

I have an old, cheap casiotone keyboard, and a Casio CZ-5000
semi-professional synth. I'd love to collect synths but it's an expensive
hobby, even more so than collecting computers...
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