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From: Vintage Computer Festival <>
Date: Mon Jan 19 19:58:09 2004

On 20 Jan 2004, Jules Richardson wrote:

> Well hang on.. surely it's legal protocol-wise for witchy to put the
> reply-to field in the header for email that he sends, even though the
> from: field is also present and valid?

Legal, sure, but sensible? I hate getting e-mails where the Reply-To is
the same as the From. What's the point of that? Also, it seems to wreak
havoc on a mailing list.

> Isn't it a little quirky for the list software to append to any existing
> reply-to field rather than overwriting it? (which for a mailing list
> might seem more sensible).

Good point...

> (Curiously in Evolution if I reply to witchy's posts it goes to both him
> and the list by default. If I just say "reply to list" then it just goes
> to the list as expected. A feature that works... even though it isn't
> too useful :)

In PINE, when hit the R)eply command, I get:

Include original message in Reply? which I answer 'Y'. Then I get:

Use "Reply-To:" address instead of "From:" address? which I again answer 'Y'. However, with Witchy's messages, since it
finds two Reply-To addresses, it puts both in the To: address.

Anyway, Witchy's config is doing something that is counter to 99% of the
rest of the list. While I appreciate and celebrate non-conformists, in
this case it's like the guy who just smells really bad because he refuses
to use deodorant.

As a favor to Witchy (so he doesn't get my message in both his ClassicCmp
box and his regular Inbox) I always edit out his address (= pain in the
ass). I guess I could just let that be, but I want to be courteous to
Witchy :)

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