Old device (eg vacuum tube) documentation

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Date: Wed Jan 21 00:54:54 2004

Quothe der Mouse, from writings of Wed, Jan 21, 2004 at 12:40:39AM -0500:
> While digging out the keyboard to scan (see my recent message about
> that), I noticed that I had a rather old book that perhaps some here
> might be interested in information from.

> It's an RCA reference book from 1963, and it contains a lot of data on
> various types of vacuum tubes and semiconductor devices of the day,

Sounds like an RCA receiving tube manual with some solid-state
additions tossed in, etc. A little newer than the RC-19.

> from vacuum tubes still in use today like the 6L6 I think I saw
> mentioned recently to picture tubes (even a few colour types) to tube
> types I've never heard of like "nuvistor" and "novar". There are a

Well, it's good that you found this, so now you'll know what they are.

> one giving a number of RCA sales offices, complete with phone numbers
> like "WHitehall 4-2900".

Telephone numbers like mine used to start out as RIdgeway 4. :-) Now,
they've made it mandatory to dial the area code before the number for
local calls, and some people don't even include dashes (or anything
else!) between the numbers for readability.

> I would take a good deal of persuading to part with the book itself.
> But if anyone is interested in data from it, including scans of various
> portions, drop me a line.

Yes, still worth holding onto. Thanks. If you really want to see a
comprehensive RCA tube manual, check out the ten volume, (nearly)
7,000 page, RCA HB-3 which includes everything from ingitrons to
transmitting tubes. :-) It's presently available on CD for about US$80
from Antique Electronic Supply.

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