Foothill College ham swap on TV

From: Vintage Computer Festival <>
Date: Wed Jan 21 00:55:27 2004

I'm watching this program called Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel
where they examine various contemporary myths or urban legends and either
debunk or confirm them. The first was various myths about microwave
ovens. They actually perform the various myths (putting in a spoon, fork,
aluminum/aluminium foil) on camera in a sort of scientific way.

The second myth is Lucille Ball recounting how the fillings in her teeth
caused her to pick up radio signals from a local radio studio. So to test
this, they needed to build a radio transmitter. They showed the team
heading over to Foothill College (local Silicon Valley college) for the
famous 2nd Saturday of the month ham swap. They even described it as
"legendary" (it is).

They showed various scenes of scrounging and some of the nerds there and
one was even someone I know(!) (It was Barry Tuttleman for you locals)

Kinda cool.

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