Old device (eg vacuum tube) documentation

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Date: Wed Jan 21 00:57:22 2004

>> from vacuum tubes still in use today like the 6L6 I think I saw
>> mentioned recently to picture tubes (even a few colour types) to
>> tube types I've never heard of like "nuvistor" and "novar".
> Well, it's good that you found this, so now you'll know what they
> are.

Well, not really. There were some cutaway drawings of nuvistors; as
near as I can figure, they're just ordinary vacuum tubes except made
with metal rather than glass shells, and with somewhat more
mechanically sturdy element mountings. Novars I still don't know
anything significant about besides the numbers in the table.

> If you really want to see a comprehensive RCA tube manual, check out
> the ten volume, (nearly) 7,000 page, RCA HB-3 which includes
> everything from ingitrons to transmitting tubes. :-) It's presently
> available on CD for about US$80 from Antique Electronic Supply.

One of the products advertised in the book I have is a five-binder set
which "contains over 5000 pages of loose-leaf data and curves on RCA
receiving tubes, ...". Price "$20.00 including service for first
year", but without specifying what "service" is included.

And it's called the HB-3. :-)

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