The PDP-8, PDP-11, VT100 and Tek rescue

From: Fred N. van Kempen <>
Date: Fri Jan 23 21:42:24 2004

Hi all !


Although I did find that great, pristine PDP-8 at that scrapper,
and *did* manage to get it out of the melting queue, it's not all
safe yet...

As it turns out, this stuff is actually owned by someone else, who
just stored it there. However, that person has not paid their
storage bills (just over a year behind) *and* does not answer
calls. This is why the scrapper eventually decided to move it
into the melting queue, simply to recover cost of storage. That
is how they make their money, so be it.

Now.. I *did* spend a few hours today on tracking down that guy,
and he is still alive. We're all going to work on getting that
machine out of the danger zone, which is why I paid a large sum
of money (one year of storage past due, and one year of storage
as a bonus etc etc) to put a "hold" on it. Legally speaking,
my attorrney tells me, the debt from that guy to the scrapper
has now "moved' to me, so if he does not pay me, I can go and
pick it up.

I am sending to all on the list, simply because of the important-
ness of the machine to us all, and so there are no misunderstandings
on the matter. :)

When I am back here in march, I will arrange for storage and a nice
work area where all these will go. Until then, they are locked :P

The same goes for the four PDP-11/34's: they are safe now, and, as
above, locked until march when I'll clean em up, test them and
call people to let them know their "order is ready" :)

[yes, I eat at In-N-Out too often, I know..]

Ohyeah. I *did* save the two VT100's (Jay got em, if anyone else
wants one, let Jay know ;-) and tried to save the two Tek's, but I
was too late for those.. they had just, er, died^H^H^H^Hmelted. :(

So there :)

If there is anyone in the Bay Area (er, within sane driving distance)
who can spare an H960, or bumps into one, please let me know !

Fred N. van Kempen, DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation) Collector/Archivist
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