Apple 'Star Trek'?

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Date: Tue Jan 27 05:23:07 2004

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> Apparently the head of technology saw his pink slip flash before his eyes
> when he realized that a Mac OS on PC hardware would cause the
> elimination of
> Mac hardware and the project was scuttled internally...

I wonder if that was a wise decision in hindsight. Discuss. *evil grin* :)

> It would be cool to see that original code running on a PC today.

Yep. I bet someone held onto a copy that's now sitting in the bottom of a
filing cabinet somewhere slowly becoming unreadable.....

> Also it mentioned that while the OS did boot on a PC, the Chooser didn't
> work, nor did serial port access and/or appletalk and Applications did not
> work and would've had to have been ported over.

Oh. Bummer. Still, these days since I can't afford a G4 or G5 I've got the
next best thing - ObjectBar, ObjectDock and WindowBlinds from Stardock!


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