MS BASIC for a Panasonic HHC RL-H1400

From: Martin Marshall <>
Date: Wed Mar 3 21:02:18 2004

I have accumulated a couple of Panasonic HHC RL-H1400 "Hand Held Computer"s.
For a description, see:

Searching has indicated that a ROM "capsule" containing a version of MicroSoft
BASIC was available. Does anyone have one of these capsules, or a dump of a ROM
that can be written to a new ROM? The computers that I have came from insurance
agents and have insurance software on the ROMs that came with the computers.
The insurance ROMs are Motorola MCM 68764C and appear to be UVEPROMs.

Thank you,
Martin Marshall
Received on Wed Mar 03 2004 - 21:02:18 GMT

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