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        This forum will be what you guys make it. My primary reason behind it is
an attempt to fill a void I see popping up now and again in the classiccmp
lists... Where can you find a common place to meet, swap, bargain, share
files, docs, etc. for "real" computers without being asked how move the
taskbar in windoze.

        It is my hope that this site will become that, I'm shooting for the little
neighborhood bar full of regulars, not the nightclub with big bands.

I like blinkin lites too :-)


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> systems before "home" computers as we know them.
> I'm not into a large busy site, more of a quiet niche site for "real
> oldies", ie... IBM, UNIVAC, VAX mainframes etc., with an occasional
> Imsai, early TRS-80, or maybe even a Comodore PET thrown in for good
> measure.

Both are nice, frankly.

To be honest, I have always wanted a forum (or whatever) that is almost
pure big stuff. 200 pound minimum, and at least 20 years old. No Imsai,
no CBM, no TRS-80, no Apple - we can get all of those right here. To add
to that, no linux, no Windows, no MS-DOS, and so forth...

William Donzelli
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