Good experience (ESR Meter)

From: Jay West <>
Date: Wed Mar 10 08:17:07 2004

Just wanted to pass this on to the list, as when I posted about it earlier
several folks replied that they had, or wanted an ESR meter for working on
their classic computers.

One of the more popular (and for good reason) ESR meters is the Dick Smith
one. I believe the Dick Smith one was an implementation of an original
design by Bob Parker.

While the Dick Smith one is a great meter, EVB electronics partnered up with
Bob Parker and came up with a new unit. This one has exactly the same specs
as the Dick Smith unit, but a few really nice improvements.

Much better display quality (bigger brighter numbers)
More of a professional, polished looking case and probes
Much better protection from charged caps
Automatic power off after 3 minutes of inactivity (instead of 2)

More to the point, the Dick Smith meter is 50-60 USD in kit form, and 75 to
110 USD assembled (seems to average about 97). But you need a calibrated DC
supply to calibrate the unit once built.

The EVB unit comes preassembled, calibrated, with leads, for $87 USD
including shipping. For roughly the same bucks as the Dick Smith one, you
get a slightly better unit (same design).

More to the point, two days after I got my EVB unit, I got an email from the
owner at EVB. He just wanted to make sure I got my unit, that it worked
correctly, and that I was satisfied. Turns out there was a minor problem
with my unit, and he took a genuine interest in the problem and made it
right (was just a mechanical adjustment to the bananna plug sockets).

Most impressive in this day & age, so I wanted to pass on my experience and

Jay West

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