monitor with screwed colour in bottom-right of screen

From: Jules Richardson <>
Date: Fri Mar 12 06:06:38 2004

posted to, but some of you guys might be able to
help too...

I've just been given a nice Iiyama 21" screen for free which seems to
run quite happily, with the exception that the colours are screwed in
the bottom-right inch or so of the display; the same sort of effect that
would be achieved by holding a big magnet in that corner of the screen.

Degaussing seems to have variable effect; sometimes it almost cures it
and sometimes it just makes it worse, but it never goes away.

Any ideas what might be up with it? Or is it a mechanical fault (i.e.
the picture tube just shot)?

Also, is this something that will get worse now it's started? If not, I
could almost live with replacing the 17" screen on my desktop PC with
this one, as the 17" is getting a little fuzzy and at least this 21"
screen has a crisp display even if there is a bit of colour damage right
in the


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