72VDC power?

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Date: Tue Mar 16 08:22:29 2004

Hi, Joe,

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On 16-Mar-04 at 08:08 Joe R. wrote:

>I picked up a couple of rack mount computers last week. Most of them were
>made by Harris and Texas Micro and are MOL standard passive backplace type
>stuff. However one of them was made by Kontron and it has a very strange
>power connector. It's a black cylinder about 1 1/4" in diameter and about 1
>1/2" long that sticks out of the chassis. The back half of the cylinder is
>threaded so it appears that the mating connector screws onto it. The front
>portion of the cylinder is divided lenghtwise into five segments. Four of
>the sements have holes in them with a male connector pin resessed into the
>holes. I opened the chassis and found that it was marked as being built to

        That sounds like a common MIL-C-5015 series connector. I could probably find a mate for it in a few minutes.

>operate off of 72 VDC power and that all four connecotr pins are wired tot
>he PSU. Is anyone familar with the type of connector or why or where they
>use 72 VDC power? The computer doesn't look like anything exceptional. It

        72VDC is frequently used in diesel-electric railroad locomotives. It is possible that this system was designed to work in one.

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