Dragon 32/64

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Date: Tue Mar 16 19:34:59 2004

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> No experience directly, but I've worked on CoCos for years,
> and they're quite similar. However, if you just want to
> replace it in the short term, try here:
> http://www.cadigital.com/computer.htm

Ye gods, are they still selling those? I bought 2 of 'em over 2 years ago
now. It was almost worth it just to have a laugh at the catalogue since it
looked like they hadn't updated it since the 1970s! Looking round the
website now I'd hazard that most of the pages haven't been updated since
1995 - wow - a dual speed external CD writer with 1.2gb drive for *gasp*


One of these days I'll see if one of them powers up with a standard UK
Dragon PSU.
> $35 complete, it's actually rather reasonable... If you're
> not in the US, I dunno what shipping would do to ya...

I cheated when I got mine - I was over in Nashua for a Compaq 'do' at
Digital's old Nashua HQ so I had my machines shipped there and brought 'em
back myself.


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