Opening a VAX2000

From: Christopher McNabb <>
Date: Thu Mar 18 19:22:55 2004

John Willis wrote:

>I'd be very interested to
>hear more about this system if it is working... Mine will boot VMS
>but the ethernet doesn't work.
The system does work, and has 4M of Ram, an RX33, and no hard drive. It
does have the "Pizza Box" on the bottom, and the 8 port serial thing,
just no external drives.

I'm not too concerned at this point, since I got the MV2000 to format
hard drives with, but some day I may want to put VMS on it. I do have
VMS5.2 on TK50, but I don't have the SCSI TK-50 type drive the MV2000 wants.
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