Bloody newbies

From: chris <>
Date: Mon Mar 22 15:50:06 2004

>Do you think people misconstrued the model number as the serial number? The
>seller didn't mention that some of these early ones were signed by Jobs and
>Woz. Or is that myth?

I don't know about Jobs and Woz signing early ones. In fact, I tend to
doubt it is true, as to the best of my knowledge, Woz had nothing to do
with the 128k. (There are IIgs machines with Woz's signature)

ALL early macs have the development team's signatures inside the case.
Jobs is among those, but I do not believe Woz's is there (I'm not 100%

I regularly see people trying to play up the signatures inside the case
as some rare thing that is worth money. In fact, what might be worth
money, is a case that truely had NO signatures inside it, because those
don't appear to exist (not counting those that the mold did a poor job of
reproducing the sigs, I have one like that, the sigs are very hard to
see, but they are still there).

And going back to the ebay auction, it strikes me as REALLY REALLY high
to pay $411 pounds for a 128k with no documentation or softare, cracks in
the floppy case, a broken/sticky keyboard, and not fully tested.

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