New apple II clones website

From: Dave Dunfield <>
Date: Tue Mar 23 12:42:46 2004

>My Apple II clones website is live now, if anyone wants to take a look.

I did a package on my Franklin Ace 100 earlier this year, which consists of
lots of detailed photos (inside and out) including Franklin labled Monitor and
Disk drive, scan of the manual (if you haven't seen the FA100 manual - it's
an interesting read), as well as other reference documentation. I also included
a Franklin Simulator (which is really just an Apple2 simulator with the Ace100
ROM image) - You are welcome to this material if you want it for your site.

Btw, are you aware of any Unitron models in a single-piece case (not separate
keyboard) with the numeric pad? I've got one which I'm trying to identify,
however my searches have turned up either machines without the numeric pad,
or machines with separate keyboard. - Ever seen one like this?

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