256k x 4 Re: finding old RAM

From: ghldbrd_at_ccp.com <(ghldbrd_at_ccp.com)>
Date: Wed Mar 24 14:29:08 2004

I have enough to populate all my 2091 boards, but I'll look. I do have
the VGA cards with the ram soldered in, but I'm sure you don't want to go
through the hassles of desoldering them.

Gary Hildebrand

> Any chance you could part with 16 of them?
> I only had 2 here (from an old vga card) and those ended up in my Diamond
> ISA video card (tseng et4000ax) used in my 386/40 old dos game rig.
> 99% of the computers I deal with use either proprietary memory SIMMs or
> standard 30 pin SIMMs and up, so I haven't needed to source loose drams
> before.
> Teo
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