Computer Replica's

From: O. Sharp <>
Date: Thu Mar 25 01:18:50 2004

ben franchuk wrote, in part:

> So lets have your vote for what replica's of old computers
> that need to reconstructed at a functional level -- blinking
> lights, mechanical I/O but it need not be the same hardware
> level.

I'd actually toyed with the idea of building a new PDP-12 - I certainly
haven't found an available original yet <g!> - but then started thinking
along different lines: design and build a basic processor out of
1970s-level TTL, give it a basic I/O bus and a TTY interface, put the
appropriate blinkenlights and switches on it, put it in an appropriately
labeled and painted case, print up an appropriate amount of documentation
to go with it, then put it on eBay saying it's a rare prototype of the
long-lost DEC PDP-13 and see who would bite. :)

Ah, if I only had more spare time and less scruples... :) :)

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