Computer Replica's

From: Hans B PUFAL <>
Date: Thu Mar 25 01:36:02 2004

Zane H. Healy wrote:

> Since you mention the 36-bit aspect, I'd almost suggested the
> Honeywell DPS-8, but decided against it do to the lack available
> software (there is a HUGE difference between the software *existing*
> and being available). Though the thought of actually being able to
> boot GCOS-8 at home is a bit frightening :^)

Stay tuned for interesting announcements in the coming months ;-)

Y'all might also look at my site : its a bit
rough at the moment, the forums are broken but it gives some flavor to
what I am doing.

We are lobbying very hard here in Grenoble to get these projects
properly funded We have a student project starting next month and he
will be doing an 1130 implementation.

PS My current favorites are : Atlas, B500 and GE 645 (not necessarily in
that order)

A big problem is test routines. They seem to to have been preserved by
anyone. So if anyone comes across these for ANY machine I'd appreciate
you preserving and sharing them.

  -- Hans

> Zane
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