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From: Alexander Schreiber <als_at_thangorodrim.de>
Date: Fri Mar 26 00:11:19 2004

On Thu, Mar 25, 2004 at 08:19:31PM -0600, Jay West wrote:
> > >Does anyone have an extra working/possibly repairable 200LX laying
> around,
> > that they would be willing to part with for $50 or less?
> I have a 200LX and would never DREAM of parting with it. GREAT fun little
> computer. I've seen them hit around $150+ on ebay. I got mine free when I
> was an HP9000 distributor as a sales reward :) I love that LX almost as much
> as I love my 41C. My LX does have the dreaded hingecrack, I've tried several
> methods of repair, no real joy yet.
> I have quite a few flash cards from cisco routers and other devices, but
> NONE are recognized by the 200LX. Anyone have a flash card that works in a
> 200LX they would be willing to trade?

If your flashcards came out of routers and are not recognized by the HP
200LX, than they are most likely "linear flash" cards. Those cards are
accessed by memory mapping and are also used in the Newton family of
handhelds (although any Newton user will shun linear flash cards coming
from routers as those tend to be "worn out" (near the end of their
maximum read/write cycles and therefore likely to fail) because routers
write them a lot).

The HP200LX can, however, use PCMCIA flashcards with an IDE block device
interface. Those exist, but they tend to come in small sizes and only
used. If you want a lot of storage for the little fellow for a good
price, use CompactFlash cards. Yes, the HP200LX can use those ones
perfectly, all you need is a CompactFlash-to-PCMCIA adapter, which is
rather cheap since it is just a handfull of sheet metal, plastic and
wires, no electronics.

Currently I'm running my trusty old HP200LX with a 256 MB "harddisk" - a
256 MB CompactFlash card in a CompactFlash-to-PCMCIA adapter. It's
really nice to have the complete set of RFCs, several developer tools (C
compiler, Pascal compiler, Lisp interpreters, editors ...), a few books
in plain text format and some more stuff in your pocket - and still a
lot of disk space left ;-)

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 looks like work."                                      -- Thomas A. Edison
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