Google rankings (was Re: anybody know of GOOD serach engine?)

From: Glen Goodwin <>
Date: Mon Mar 29 16:59:46 2004

Sellam wrote:

> Joe, this is not Google (well, not directly). This is idiot companies
> who've learned how to game Google to get their site returned as the top
> result. There's a whole science behind it.


My experience suggests there's a lot more than "science" going on here.
When I first set up the web site for my fledgling TV/Stereo repair parts
business, I read all the available literature about optimizing search
results and really did my homework before I submitted to Google or any other
engine. Sure enough, after I submitted my site, "TV repair parts" brought
me up as the first Google listing!

Shortly after that I took out a Google AdWords ad -- these are the
pay-per-click ads which Google displays on the right side of the screen. I
ran the ad campaign for several weeks and got a lot of clicks (which I had
to pay for) but very few orders as compared to people who just found me in
the regular Google listings. So, I stopped the pay-per-click campaign, and
GUESS WHAT?? My Google ranking immediately dropped to the point where "TV
repair parts" puts me somewhere around the 15th page, depending on the time
of day and phase of the moon.

Coincidence? I don't think so. I believe Google stepped on my rankings
when I stopped paying them. I've since done some things to enable people to
find me by searching for specific part numbers, but nothing I do elevates my
ranking for "TV repair parts" or "stereo repair parts," both of which
started out in the number one position.



Oh -- almost forgot -- :-)
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