Rescued Heathkit OM-3 Oscilloscope

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Mon Mar 29 21:16:00 2004

> > Save yourself a headache. Open the scope, pull the tubes, pull the knobs,
> > and chuck the rest.
> Save a Heath Collector a heartache. If you don't want the item, list it
> on VCFM, or (gasp!!) eBay.... and, there are several Heatkit collectors
> groups, like ours... at least, you migt have the unit someone needs to
> restore one....

I agree, besides it sounds as if the scope is largely functional, a lot more
so than my Dad's (and he's the only owner). It's more likely some Heathkit
collector might be interested in getting it, and fixing it up.

I've got to confess I've always thought that the OM-3 was kind of cool
looking. Having said that I'll stick with my Tek TDS-220.

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