From: Andreas Holz <asholz_at_topinform.de>
Date: Tue Mar 30 05:50:45 2004


the simpliest way is to get onother one.

> I have just got an apollo 735 (couldn't resist it for 9 pound on
> ebay). It has 96mb ram, 2 1gb hard drives, a framebuffer with a stereo
> +rgb ports and what I think is a 99mhz processor. All is looking good
> except it has no power supply. Anyone know where I can get such a
> beast. It looks quite big if it fills up the mising hole, the machine
> already weighs a ton it must be pretty heavy with it in.

It is real solid state!

These machines are extremely reliable - if permanently powered on! I've
one in my office, just to have a real Unix machine within the Windows
world. It has now an uptime of 1102 days. The problems will arise, if
these machines are powered off, esp. for a longer period of time. From
my considerations the powersupply is damaging the cpu-board, probably
based on voltage-peaks.

- Andreas
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