From: Harald Husemann <bofh_at_dh9dat.de>
Date: Tue Mar 30 15:27:05 2004

Hi Dan,

hope you get it working - it's a quite nice machine! I have one lyin' around
also, at the moment I'm not using it - but I will re-activate it, maybe as an
MTA or so.
My one runs perfectly well with HP UX 10.20 installed, don't try HP UX 11,
someone told me it won't boot. BSD is fine for it, too...
Unfortunately, it's a little bit difficult to get pre-compiled software for HP
UX 10, since HP has closed down all related sites - they only supply software
for 11...
But, if you get it workin', I have a pre-compiled gcc for it (Someone on he
list sent me the compiler - thanks again!). If you're interested, just drop
me a line and I'll send it to you.
Another tip: I didn't manage to get the frame buffer card to work (all my
monitors refused to work with it, although I bought a special converter to
VGA). But, the machine has also a serial port, which it activates when the FB
card is plugged out. This port can be used with a standard modem cable
(9600/8/N/1, not twisted), to access the machine and set it up.

I hope you get it runnin', it's a really reliable and useful machine. (My one
was powered off for I think 10 years or so, and had been stored in the cellar
- I switched it on, and it worked, without any errors - try this with a
"modern" PC, :-)) )

Greetings from germany,

have a nice hackin',

On Tuesday 30 March 2004 13:22, Dan Williams wrote:
> I have just got an apollo 735 (couldn't resist it for 9 pound on ebay).
> It has 96mb ram, 2 1gb hard drives, a framebuffer with a stereo +rgb
> ports and what I think is a 99mhz processor. All is looking good except
> it has no power supply. Anyone know where I can get such a beast. It
> looks quite big if it fills up the mising hole, the machine already
> weighs a ton it must be pretty heavy with it in.
> Thanks
> Dan

Harald Husemann
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