Computer Replicas

From: William Donzelli <>
Date: Tue Mar 30 17:06:31 2004

> I think you need a bit of perspective here! "Lots of us" is
> a microscopic crowd, a very few hardcore collectors with the
> $ to stockpile.

I think the number of people on this list with PDPs of some flavor would
be quite high - maybe at least 20 percent? It is a rough guess, but
judging from the posts here and there over the years...

As far as "$ to stockpile" - almost anyone on this list could have a PDP-8
(with the exception of a Straight, LINC-8, or -8/S) if they put their mind
to it. They are still out there, so if money is problem, old fashioned
legwork will eventually pay off. An then there is ebay, of course, and we
all know that quite few PDP-8s appear every year. Spending $1000-2000 for
a PDP-8 (maybe an 8/E) is really not completely insane. Put in some
overtime, wheel and deal, sacrifice a few other luxuries, whatever -
budget and save and that $2000 will appear.

Now an S/360 is a different matter. I have worked my legs for something
like seven years for one, and nothing has come my way (although I missed
that model 22 by a few weeks, I think). I have also made a serious budget
for one if Ebay finally pops one up, but none have. Where am I to get one?

William Donzelli
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