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From: Tony Duell <ard_at_p850ug1.demon.co.uk>
Date: Tue Mar 30 17:06:13 2004

> > If possible, have a good isolating transformer. Almost essential if
> you
> > work on SMPSUs. Also think about having both 110 and 220V outlets --
> the
> > ability to plug in just anything from either side of the Pond, at
> least
> > for testing is very useful.
> I have an isolating transformer, which lives under the bench. I've
> almost never needed 110V, but one day I'll find a cheap transformer.

Some mechanical peripherlas (ASR33s, DEC PC04/05 paper tape units, etc)
have 110V motors. It can be useful to be able to power those without also
having to drag the transformer from the instrument to your bench. This
depends on how your machine house (a large version of a machine room :-))
is laid out. If you've got everything close together, then it probably
doesn't matter.

However, if you get stuff shipped from the states, it can be very useful
to be able to power it up witout doing internal modifications (if there's
no voltage selector switch). You may need to run the original PSU to
measure the output voltages for example. Or you may want to check that
something will work on 110V before sending it across the Pond...

> > Although I don't do much heavy metalwork on my electronics bench, I
> agree
> > a small vice is very useful. For pressing on iDC connectors, holding
> > things when soldering, etc. Chasing a DIN plug around the benchtop
> with a
> > hot soldering iron is not my idea of fun!
> The vice in question is too small and light for crimping connectors. I

Ah, the one I have will crimp most IDC connectors. It's also big enough
for light metalwork (holding a bracket when drilling a hole or similar.
_Very_ useful...

> just use it for holding D-connectors, or holding multicore cables when
> I tin the ends. But the adjacent bench has a proper engineer's vice (a

Yes, I use it for that too...

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