running 3 phase motors from single phase...

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Tue Mar 30 17:15:18 2004

> Rats, I just found out the museum's dead Sperry drum store uses a 3
> phase motor - is there any way I can run this from a single phase supply
> (UK mains, ~240V, 50Hz) without things blowing up? Or am I resigned to
> replacing the motor with a single phase equivalent?

It's possible. There are several ways to do it -- the most expensive
being an electronic converter (basically a recifier followed by 3
choppers suitably drive). The cheaper method is to use an 3 phase auxilliary
motor of about 1.5 times the power of the motor you want to run. Connect
that as a cpaactior run motor (mains to 2 of the phase leads, a suitable
capacitor from one of those leads to the remaining phase lead), then take
the 3 phase output from the 3 phase leads of that motor.

Poeple have been running medium-size machine tools like this at home for
years -- a local model engineering club will probably have somebody who's
done it.

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