Time to purge!

From: Scott Stevens <sastevens_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Wed Mar 31 00:50:41 2004

Just a followup after looking more at what you listed. Is the Kaypro software CP/M-80 stuff? I have a KayPro CP/M-80 machine that came with the boot floppy for the OS but nothing more in the way of software and would badly like to get more software for it. Also have a KayPro portable 8088-based PC compatible machine that would match up with it, if it's later Kaypro "PC" software for MSDOS.

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On Tue, 30 Mar 2004 22:31:08 -0600
"Paul Braun" <nerdware_at_ctgonline.org> wrote:

> I'm officially giving up collecting. When I started, I didn't realize the
> amount of space it would take, and I also didn't realize that there
> were people out there with 1000 times more stuff, who actually had
> time to use it....
> I've gotten rid of most of it a couple years ago, but it's time to get rid
> of everything except my original Vic20 and C=64, and my 2 Amigas.
> Here's what has to go:
> 2 Apple IIGs cpu's, one 5-1/4" floppy, one 3-1/2" floppy, modem and
> monitor
> 3 Apple Disk ]['s
> Apple ][e
> Apple ][
> Monitor for ][ (monochrome)
> Macintosh Performa 400
> Imagewriter ][
> Smith-Corona Daisywheel printer (was used with Kaypro II)
> Commodore Plus 4
> IBM PCjr
> box of Kaypro software
> miscellaneous Apple software
> other crap as I come across it
> I just want this to go to someone who has time to play with it. You
> pay shipping -- it's yours. Or, if you're in the Chicago/NW Indiana
> area, I can arrange for pickup.
> I want this out of here by the end of next week. If nobody wants it, it
> will unfortunately go to the recycler.
> Email me. Thanks.
> Paul Braun WD9GCO
> Cygnus Productions
> nerdware_nospam_at_laidbak.com
> "A computer without a Microsoft operating system is like a dog
> without a bunch of bricks tied to its head."
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