Cleaning gungy Flexowriter

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Thu Nov 4 16:30:54 2004

> OK more questions. The keys on these are covered with white mildew.
> What's the best stuff to clean them with and should I put anything on them
> after they're clean to preserve them. I ran into a problem. Something
> heavy had been dropped on the keyboard of this one and several of the metal
> levers that the keycaps mount on are bent or broken. How hard is it to take
> this section apart so that I can repair the levers? Also where is the IO

Not too hard (I managed it). You have to take the main chassis out (see
my previous message), then at the bottom you loosen off the screws
holding the clamp strips. slide out the axle rods and take out the snail
cam assemblies one at a time (they unclip from the linkages to the type
bars). Note that there are some 'odd' snail cams, so keep them in order.

Then you remove the key pressure adjustment screws and the springs. I
can't rememebr if you have to take out the type bars (if so, loosen the
screws, remove the semi-circular axles, take them out, keep them in
sequence). Slide out the key bar axle and remove the keys.

> connector on this beast? I found terminal strip on the back inside but
> there's only about 6 wires on it and it doesn't look like it's made for
> external IO. BTW I found that this is a model FL and the name plate says
> that it's a "Recorder/Reproducer".

Mine has a large circualr mil-spec like connector on the back with a
loopback plug in it. It's possible yours has no I/O at all -- it may have
been made solely for punching and printing paper tapes.

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