Dragon32 Power-Supply

From: Gordon JC Pearce <gordon_at_gjcp.net>
Date: Wed Nov 24 09:59:08 2004

Jules Richardson wrote:

> There's an uncomfirmed rumour that the proper Acorn Atom brick is the
> same as the Dragon 32 one, just with a different lead (and unused taps
> on the transformer presumably!).

Not even remotely. The original Acorn Atom PSU was 8v at about 1.5A DC
if I remember correctly. I "acquired" one from my Dad's work when it
wouldn't work, or more accurately would work for only a few minutes
before turning itself off. The scorch marks on the inside of the case
around the heatsink bolts were a dead giveaway...

Fully loaded, with every socket filled, it drew nearly 3A.

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