Paper Tape Punch

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Thu Nov 25 12:32:28 2004

> I can not find a part number for the interface pictured in the manual. The
> write-up in the manual says "The interface assembly comprises a circuit
> board with housing, a shielded cable and a plug. The circuit board plugs

My guess, based on one of the 9800 interfacing manuals, is that it's
just a normal 8 bit binary interface module for said calculator with the
right calbe and plug. Now I have to try and remember the number for said
interface -- it's something like HP11202 or HP12202.

Incidentally, I am looking for any spare (as in cheap!) interfaces for
this series of machines. I have a couple of 9810s and a 9830 that I'd
like to hook up to other devices. If all else fails, I'll make my own as

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