Morrow S-100 MPZ80 CPU board ROM needed

From: Robert Stek <>
Date: Sat Oct 2 13:10:46 2004

I am so close to having my Morrow Decision I working again, but....

I have 3 MPZ80 CPU cards, and I can boot up a 1 drive floppy based CP/M
system but I really want to get a HD system working (BTW, thank you Allison
for the ST-506's). However all three monitor ROMs are version 4.47 which is
set up for the Micronix OS they also sold. Apparently there is some code in
there which sets a different sector size for Micronix rather than for CP/M,
and possibly has other differences as well. I am not interersted in running
Micronix (even though I seem to have the complete (?) C source code for it).
When I boot from a CP/M floppy, I can use the Morrow HD format program to
format the HD, but it always gives me sector time out errors for each head
during the verify phase (presumably because of whatever is in the 4.47 ROM).
What I need is a copy of version 3.7 (it's on a 2732).

Anyone out there with ROM I can copy or can copy one for me?


Bob Stek
Saver of Lost Sols
Received on Sat Oct 02 2004 - 13:10:46 BST

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