Morrow S-100 MPZ80 CPU board ROM needed

From: Arlen Michaels <>
Date: Sat Oct 2 13:59:32 2004

on 2/10/04 2:10 PM, Robert Stek wrote:

> format the HD, but it always gives me sector time out errors for each head
> during the verify phase (presumably because of whatever is in the 4.47 ROM).
> What I need is a copy of version 3.7 (it's on a 2732).
> Anyone out there with ROM I can copy or can copy one for me?


I'm sure I have one of these boards in storage. I'll go delve in the
basement to see what version I have.


Arlen Michaels
Received on Sat Oct 02 2004 - 13:59:32 BST

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