Bah! HP Terminal smarter n' me

From: Ron Hudson <>
Date: Mon Oct 4 08:59:20 2004

Victory over terminal!!! Well sort of.

Yes, it's only one null modem. I have now a 9 pin straight cable+null
modem adapter+genderchanger
and It works. I think I am missing some handshake though.. when I put
the terminal in smooth scroll
it looses characters when I list things or print out something that is
long. Everything works fine
in the faster jump scroll. Just not as pleasing to use.

Part of the problem was finding the one of 3 serial ports on the back
of the computer that was really
live (yes I built the computer, but that was a year ago) :^)

On Oct 3, 2004, at 10:02 PM, Tony Duell wrote:

>> Anyone know much about HP terminals (700/96) I have this beast hooked
>> to a serial port on
>> my linux box.. I am using a "serial laplink" cable and a null modem
>> adapter (that should be
>> two null modems together) I have agetty lines in my /etc/inittab
> My first worry is that if it's a normal terminal it'll be a DTE (I've
> never met a terminal that wasn't wired as such, for obvious reasons!)
> and
> a PC serial port is normally a DTE too. You need 1 null-modem between
> them.
> Get a breakout box (or even one of those little adapter-with-LEDs
> testers) and find out which pins the terminal and PC are using as
> outputs.
> -tony
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