DEC RM05 mountings

From: Jules Richardson <>
Date: Mon Oct 4 09:11:11 2004

Does anyone know how an RM05 drive assembly fastens to the massbus
control cab beneath? Doesn't seem likely that the drive assembly just
rests on top - but there's no obvious way of securing the drive/cab
together. I assume something's supposed to thread through the bracket at
the top-front of the control cab and attach to the drive, but what/how?
And then what secures the drive toward the rear?

We almost got out Decsystem 570 completely rebuilt yesterday (it was
totally dismantled and parts have been spread everywhere for the last
few years) - just got the battery backup units and comms brackets to
bolt on, and a couple of minor bits of trim to find and it's done.

I'd stick some pictures up somewhere but I've just realised I have no
idea how to get them off the camera with this new version of linux -
d'oh! :-)


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