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From: Jules Richardson <>
Date: Mon Oct 4 09:23:36 2004

On Mon, 2004-10-04 at 08:45 -0500, Jay West wrote:
> But in that 1U case, I believe there is only room for one hard drive
> so raid and mirroring is problematic.

Any CDROM / floppy drive you can lose to create space for another disk?
(just watch out for heat issues though)

We were given a 1U server recently (which seems to have a crack in the
motherboard somewhere making it unreliable, so it's probably heading for
the bin) that has built-in CDROM and floppy drives plus a single bay for
a hard disk, but I think the CDROM could be removed to free up space.

There's little point in having a CDROM except for an initialOS install
(and not even then if the server's on linux and you do a network
install) - and if you do ever need one temporarily, just hang a SCSI one
off the back of the case.

How much disk space does the system need, anyway?


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