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From: cb <>
Date: Mon Oct 4 10:00:05 2004

Jules Richardson wrote:

> We were given a 1U server recently (which seems to have a crack in the
> motherboard somewhere making it unreliable, so it's probably heading for
> the bin) that has built-in CDROM and floppy drives plus a single bay for
> a hard disk, but I think the CDROM could be removed to free up space.

Dang, wish you were in the USA. I've been watching for a 1u rack case
for another iMac conversion. I did one a while back (jammed an original
bondi blue iMac logic board into a 1u rack case), and it runs very
nicely as my main file server now. I wanted to do a 2nd to use as my
main web/ftp server. I've got the logic board, just don't have the 1u case.

Alas, shipping from the UK will probably cost me more than I have to
spend on the project.
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