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From: Jules Richardson <>
Date: Mon Oct 4 10:51:02 2004

On Mon, 2004-10-04 at 11:00 -0400, cb wrote:
> Jules Richardson wrote:
> >
> > We were given a 1U server recently (which seems to have a crack in the
> > motherboard somewhere making it unreliable, so it's probably heading for
> > the bin) that has built-in CDROM and floppy drives plus a single bay for
> > a hard disk, but I think the CDROM could be removed to free up space.
> >
> Dang, wish you were in the USA.

So do I at times :-)

> Alas, shipping from the UK will probably cost me more than I have to
> spend on the project.

Unfortunately so. I'm sure I can dream up some use for this thing that
doesn't involve it being a PC (and therefore requiring a replacement
board). A 1U rack-mount classic machine of some sort. Be a shame not to
take advantage of the internal drive bay(s) though, so that would imply
something that can use a 3.5" ST506 drive at least (and given the case
height, have the controller on the system board)


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