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From: Vintage Computer Festival <>
Date: Mon Oct 4 11:21:41 2004

On Mon, 4 Oct 2004, Jay West wrote:

> I will have to check, as I haven't looked inside the case of the classiccmp
> server in a long time. However, I wanted to go with a 1U case so... well...
> quite frankly I didn't want to take any more rackspace from paying customers
> than necessary. Probably I was overzealous in this regard as we have a
> decent amount of free rackspace since we recently added another rack. But in
> that 1U case, I believe there is only room for one hard drive so raid and
> mirroring is problematic. Then remember that the motherboard was purchased a
> few years ago at least, when on-board raid and sata weren't so common for a
> common motherboard. Add to that the problems which may be present for
> installing add-on cards in a 1U case, and you may see my dilemma.

Hmm. I wonder how feasible it would be to place two sets of disparate
platters inside a single 3.5" form factor drive and have mirroring or RAID
handled internally. You could still run it with a standard ATA interface
but then there might be a super-set of commands to effect the
mirroring/RAID. Hmm...

Just a random wild-assed thought. If this is a money-making idea then I
want few bucks tossed my way when I'm destitute on a street corner.

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