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From: Jay West <>
Date: Mon Oct 4 08:45:52 2004

Why didn't I go raid in the first place......

I will have to check, as I haven't looked inside the case of the classiccmp
server in a long time. However, I wanted to go with a 1U case so... well...
quite frankly I didn't want to take any more rackspace from paying customers
than necessary. Probably I was overzealous in this regard as we have a
decent amount of free rackspace since we recently added another rack. But in
that 1U case, I believe there is only room for one hard drive so raid and
mirroring is problematic. Then remember that the motherboard was purchased a
few years ago at least, when on-board raid and sata weren't so common for a
common motherboard. Add to that the problems which may be present for
installing add-on cards in a 1U case, and you may see my dilemma.

That all being said - here is a thought. Some time in the next couple weeks
I'll make it down to the datacenter and dig into the classiccmp server and
see exactly what is in there, how much space for drives & expansion cards,
etc. I'll report that back to the list and we can decide what to do. Lots of
people paypal'd me to cover the cost of the drive - and provided well over
the cost of the drive. I was going to set that money aside for future
classiccmp upgrades at first thought... It's up to the people who
contributed of course (I don't want to switch the goal after just getting
the contributions)... but perhaps I should use the overage to upgrade the
server with regards to raid-X and/or sata...


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