OT: Good Windows FTP Servers

From: Cini, Richard <RCini_at_congressfinancial.com>
Date: Fri Oct 8 11:37:58 2004

Hello, all:

        Putting any Windows jokes aside, I'm looking for a decent
Win32-based FTP server program to use at home to move files from my weather
station computer to an Apache Web server which is also at home. The goal
here is to open a single port in the firewall so I can log in and see the
weather at my house.

        Not being familiar with Apache, maybe there's a way to do this
without an FTP server, but I need to move a text-based data file every 5
minutes from the weather station program to the http server, both of which
presently will reside on the same PC. The weather program handles all
aspects of creating the data file periodically and will upload the data
using ftp -- it does not provide for direct copying of files, the assumption
being that this data is being uploaded to a server that's not on the same
physical machine.

        I wanted to get some recommendations/user's favorites before I start


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