Snopes on Ken Olsen

From: der Mouse <mouse_at_Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
Date: Fri Oct 8 11:45:24 2004

>> As for typewriters, I still have one on my desk at work, I find that
>> a typewriter is still useful, even now.
> Really?! For what?

Well, I can't say what someone else would find one useful for. But my
mother would love to get her hands on a working typewriter, because she
is so completely computer-illiterate that even something as
comparatively simple as a "dedicated word processor" (a specialized
computer in a typewriter form-factor) is beyond her. But typewriters
she's worked with most of her life, and if its human interface is that
of a real electromech typewriter, she can handle it.

To be sure, I suspect part of her incompetence with anything bordering
on a computer is due to convincing herself she's incompetent. But
since we live on opposite sides of the continent, I'm not really in any
position to cure it even if so.

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