Good Windows FTP Servers

From: Teo Zenios <>
Date: Fri Oct 8 11:59:56 2004

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Subject: OT: Good Windows FTP Servers

> Hello, all:
> Putting any Windows jokes aside, I'm looking for a decent
> Win32-based FTP server program to use at home to move files from my
> station computer to an Apache Web server which is also at home. The goal
> here is to open a single port in the firewall so I can log in and see the
> weather at my house.
> Not being familiar with Apache, maybe there's a way to do this
> without an FTP server, but I need to move a text-based data file every 5
> minutes from the weather station program to the http server, both of which
> presently will reside on the same PC. The weather program handles all
> aspects of creating the data file periodically and will upload the data
> using ftp -- it does not provide for direct copying of files, the
> being that this data is being uploaded to a server that's not on the same
> physical machine.
> I wanted to get some recommendations/user's favorites before I start
> Googling.
> Thanks.
> Rich
Serv-U FTP works for me
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