more good auction finds.

From: Tom Ponsford <>
Date: Mon Oct 18 14:39:16 2004

Some more good auction finds:

Well, the IBM s/390 in good working condition (it was a generation 3, not 4)
went for $125.00. The whole row of IBM stuff went for around $800. I thought
the s/390 cabinet might be useful as a walk-in closet though :-)

I consoled myself with a LS ADM3A beehive terminal with the lower-case rom
(works great, no burn-in, excellent condition ) for $5.00 and a couple more
alpha's..spent arount $15.00

Yesterday, I picked up another alphaserver 2100, mainly for parts, although it
works pefectly, it only has 1 275mhz proc and 1 128MB ram board, a coupla fddi
controllers and 4-5 disks; 26z,28z,29z. and a single power supply I got three
of these beasts now..I'm sorry, it's a bad habit.

A big pallet of miscellaneous stuff for around $7.50 that include quite a few
dec cables, a decserver 90M, two cartons of new Exatape 170m AME 8mm tapes,
(unfortunatley I only have a sun EL820 7/14GB tape drive) whole bunch of
office stuff and a couple more dec fddi cards and cables and a 56k pci modem,
along with a huge amount of 4-pin <--> rj45 serial cables.

The real find though was an complete, (monitor,keyboard,cable) apparently
non-working, Digital Professional 350. On inspection, it has a 000042 CTI-bus
card, which is a CTI DECNA ethernet card...woohoo.

Spent around 30 dollars for everything.


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