Econet for an RML380Z?

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Date: Mon Sep 6 17:24:28 2004

you could try asking on the BBC mailing list.(if you aint already on it :D)
the link for it is here

i'm sure some1 on there would know.

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Subject: Econet for an RML380Z?

> Has anyone ever seen (or heard of) an RML380Z with Econet network
> support (rather than the usual coaxial that RML used for its CHAIN
> network)?
> I picked up an SJ Research MDFS Econet fileserver the other day which
> I'll have running at the museum. However, the docs at one point (and one
> point only, it seems so far) mention RML380Z fileservers and 380Z
> machines with Econet. (I've got an RML380Z fileserver, but naturally it
> has a CHAIN network board and not Econet!)
> As I collect Torch, Acorn and RML stuff (and Torchnet is at least
> electrically compatible with Acorn's Econet) it's of particular interest
> as it implies one day I might be able to connect machines from all three
> manufacturers.
> I've never seen mention of Econet support in any of RML's documentation
> though, so have a feeling it was maybe a product that never saw the
> light of day...
> cheers
> Jules

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