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From: Zane H. Healy <healyzh_at_aracnet.com>
Date: Tue Sep 7 18:32:51 2004

> Are people downloading things from bitsavers and selling them for
> a profit? That's downright dirty and rather irritating. It's like
> one time when I wrote a 340 page family history that I spent many
> years working on, and took many contributions from others, and had
> a clause at the beginning where I stated that this information
> could not be used without my permission..... then I found two
> instances where someone "stole" entire large sections and used it
> as if they had done all the work. It later appeared on their web
> site as their own personal research.

Geneologists seem to be notoriously bad in this regard, many of them see
nothing wrong with posting stuff that shouldn't be on the net, or worse
stealing the content of entire books/publications/articles and reprinting
it (some even going so far as to copywrite what they've stolen). Some
don't even care if it's a copywrited book that was just released and is
still easily (even if not cheaply) available new.

Another group that really suprised me that is bad about such things are
little old ladies into sewing.

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