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Date: Thu Sep 9 16:27:51 2004

I use an old PS 2D from years back. it's temperature controlled by tip
exchange. and to be honest after years of use, i've only ever changed the
tip 3 times. (except for different types of "end").

I also have a newer weller (that's _at_ work - I forget what type) which is
temperature controlled by a knob on the front. and again I've never had a
problem wih it.

Personally I like the one with the knob for gadget rights, but either one
will be suitable. if you intend to do a lot of SMC work then I suggest the
one with the knob. however it's just as easy to change the tip :D

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> Which to buy? I am looking at two different ones - The WTCPT which you
> have to buy different tips to control temperature or the WES51 which has
> adjustabel temperatur control and is a little cheaper.
> I know either one would probably be a good investment but what is the
> advantage of one over the other?
> Thanks!,
> Bryan Pope

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