BBC printer port (ever used for anything else?)

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Sun Sep 19 17:05:24 2004

> > I'd probably do that on a normal Beeb, but this is an Acorn Cambridge
> > Workstation. And while I don't normally worry about modifications, this
> > machine is sufficiently rare that I don't want to do anything
> > irreversable to it (I don't mind soldering bits on the circuit boards,
> > doing the sideways RAM hack, etc, but I don't want to cut holes in it.
> Ahh, I might have something for you then...
> I've got a spare ABC shell that I really don't want to throw out but
> have no idea what to do with. Would suit someone who didn't want to cut
> holes in their own machine!

I really don't have space for another such machine...

> It's just the outer shell (including black rear panel), Cub internals,
> and the black clip-on front bezel is toast. No B+ board, no drives, no
> coprocessor, not even any of the metal side trays. (The lack of side
> trays is curious - I can't imagine why those would go missing even if

Well, if some board-swapper wanted to swap out the coprocessor board,
it's easier to do it complete with the tray. Or maybe somebody wanted to
try a diffeent coprocessor (I pulled the 32016 tray from my ACW to test
my ARM eveluation system after fixing the latter's PSU -- it was the
easiest 'BBC' to get to...)

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