Kenbak-1 Was: Poly88 on ebay

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Date: Thu Sep 30 13:18:14 2004

> Great ad copy, didn't this guy sell an Altair several
> months ago for $7000 and all the Altairs before and
> after sold for around 1-2K.

Obviously salesmanship does count for a lot on eBay! I've tracked Altair
sales for a couple of years now, though, and the one thing I can predict
is that you can't predict the prices those will get. . . 2-3K seems to be
the nominal range, but I've seen several go higher for no apparent reason!

> Couldn't find your Kenbak-1 on your web site.

Try again now. I'm a bit behind on website updates (a chronic condition,
I think) but this machine merited a quick page, at least.

I just uploaded it.

    Erik Klein
    The Vintage Computer Forum
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