Kenbak-1 Was: Poly88 on ebay

From: steve <>
Date: Thu Sep 30 18:08:44 2004

--- wrote:

> > Couldn't find your Kenbak-1 on your web site.
> Try again now. I'm a bit behind on website updates
> (a chronic condition,
> I think) but this machine merited a quick page, at
> least.
> I just uploaded it.

Ah, very nice, them Kenbak's are rare indeed! I always
wanted a TTL based computer, I'm thinking about
building the Educ-8, , a
similar TTL based machine described in an electronics
australia article in 1975. Amazingly, they still sell
the boards for it, or at least in theory they do, I've
been trying to obtain boards for many months here

but they refuse my money (too busy).

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